Laura Nicol for State Rep

Voice of the people for west Houston's TX HD 133

You want a fighter to stand up to the government, stand up to the spying, keeping the government out of your personal life.  You want a fighter who will take on the special interests, not take money from them.  You want a fighter to fight to get all the kids in this district the best education possible, and to get all our neighbors the best jobs at the best wages.  I believe that the better we all do, the better we ALL do.  I'm willing to fight for you.  Are you willing to be in my corner?

Fighting for good schools and good jobs for the district and all of Texas

Straight talk on hot topics!  Listen HERE

(a 15 minute phone interview)

This site purchased and maintained by the Laura Nicol For State Rep. campaign, challenging Jim Murphy in 2014 for Texas State House seat 133.